Turning Waste into Wonderful

In harmony with the seasons and with the greatest respect for the environment, Windsong Farm Providore produces 100% pure raw honey, bees wax products, pasture raised chicken eggs using an ahimsa philosophy, alpaca fibre and eco warrior pet beds. 

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Located in Central Gippsland, Victoria. 

Why Choose Us?

If you're the type of person who is over seeing items pre maturely wear and/or throwing useful resources into landfill, then you're our tribe! Everything is connected, with most things having a life cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction but the game changer here is let's transform instead of destroy. Our mantra is " What else can we create from this?", and from that flows the inspiration for everything we do.   

About Us

Amrita & Andrew

Windsong Farm Providore

Windsong Farm Providore is a crazy menagerie of two hoomans, buzzy bees, alpacas with attitude, cluckin’ chooks, rescue dogs, guinea fowl & Hamish, the goat with a hairy throat!

Our hobby farm is located in Gippsland, Victoria. We love the earth & live in a sustainable & community minded manner.

In harmony with the seasons, we produce 100% raw honey, bees wax and bees wax products, ahimsa pasture raised chicken eggs, alpaca fibre and eco warrior pet beds.

Follow our hobby farming adventures on Facebook. 

Fantastic service and beautiful product! Very happy with my purchase! Thank you so much!! 


The vanilla bean infused honey is delicious - you can taste the bees humming! A perfect addition to my morning crumpet


Love all the pets and the owner, they are a lovely family. Love the Windsong Farm fresh eggs and the big boss Hamish (the goat).   


Thank you so much for our girls super huge comfy bed. So much room for her and her fur babies! So much easier to keep clean! Best purchase I’ve made